At Dr. Duck Co., Our mission is to help grow the number of waterfowl hunters and to equip people to be able to have the best hunting experience possible. We use advanced design, innovative technology and durable fabrics and materials to develop gear that enhance the experience of the hunter. Since the beginning, our goal has been to develop products that specifically meet the needs of waterfowl hunters and that ultimately allow the hunter to focus less on their gear and more on what matters most – The Journey.

The definition of the word Journey is an act or instance of traveling from one place to another. What makes up the Journey is everything that takes place along the way. It’s the in-between moments and experiences that are never seen. It’s the days with little to no sleep. It’s the weeks and months on the road. It’s the breaking up the ice in negative degree weather or the long expedition to the destination. It’s getting to watch that buddy shoot his first duck. It’s the slow mornings where the only thing you kill is time. It’s the mornings spent in frigid temperatures. It’s the countless hours of preparation and days on end of strenuous exertion. It’s introducing someone to the outdoors. It’s meeting new people and creating friendships that will last a lifetime. These moments, memories and experiences are what matter the most. These are what forge The Journey.

Our team at Dr. Duck Co. and Rusa Outdoors combine years of experience in the field with years of experience and knowledge in product development. The result of this combination is hunting gear that is innovative, durable, reliable. Each product is created with the dedicated waterfowl hunter in mind and is designed with features that provide solutions to the struggles/problems that waterfowl hunters experience on a regular basis.

Our gear is built to withstand the elements and is designed to endure the harshest conditions. It’s built for the day in, day out abuse, wear and tear, and neglect that waterfowl hunting entails. When designing each piece of gear, we considered every single aspect of the hunt. Knowing that each and every waterfowl hunting environment would be different, we set out to create gear that could be utilized in every scenario/environment. Every design is put through the mill in multiple regions throughout the country. Whether it’s the corn fields in Washington, the marshes in Louisiana, the flooded timber in Arkansas, or the AG fields in Oklahoma, our gear is designed to adapt and perform.