Redefining waterfowl hunting Gear. Dr. Duck Co. exists to provide products that combat problems that waterfowl hunters experience. Our gear is built to withstand the elements and endure the toughest conditions. It’s built for the day in, day out abuse. Dr. Duck Co. is powered by Rusa Outdoors. At Dr. Duck Co., our gear is designed by waterfowl hunters, for waterfowl hunters. Built with innovative technologies, each product is created with the waterfowl enthusiast in mind. Focus less on your gear and more on The Journey.

Enjoy The Journey with Dr. Duck Co.


Born and raised in East Texas, Dennis Loosier (@dr_duck), spent his childhood chasing deer, squirrel and hogs. It wasn’t until later in life that he began the pursuit of waterfowl in Texas. Without abundant access to private property, Dennis spent the majority of his early hunting years learning the ins and outs of the great public hunting opportunities provided by Texas, seeing success through increased scouting and study of migratory birds. Currently, Dennis owns a local air conditioning company & is fortunate to travel a multi-state area with a few of his closest friends, attempting to find success with what is now a large & hungry public hunting population.
If you’ve hunted waterfowl on public land, you understand one thing for sure and that is that there are no guarantees. HIS journey is full of learning experiences and we are excited to share them with you this year on Realtree 365.

We hope you’ll join HIM this season on Realtree Outdoors®‘ s new digital platform as HE shares HIS journey. Spread the word and let’s share why we are so passionate about what HE IS DOING with others this season.